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Branding is pull, not push;

The products we buy and the services we use are no longer arbitrary decisions influenced by the most intrusive or competitive marketing. The brands we engage with are extensions of us and we are increasingly looking for stories to connect with, values to stand up for and ethos that resonate with ours.

Twenty Assembly is a branding consultancy working closely with brands to develop these foundations, find their voices and engage their audiences in real ways. 

Our three tier approach to branding involves our clients at every step of the way, empowering them to not only develop a compelling strategy but to truly understand it’s translation into a unique and memorable visual language. So they may begin to love, understand and grow their brands into the future.

In creating a brand from almost scratch, I really wanted to find a designer who understood the purpose and intent that I had - not just for the present time but for the brand in years, even decades, to come. It was really reassuring to find that the team could not only perfectly understand my brief, but piece together details of a business idea to create uniform, timeless and beautiful branding.
— Lou Dungate, Founder and Director