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Born from the belief that the world needs good design, we are here because beautiful, unique branding that communicates effectively shouldn’t be limited to just businesses with big budgets.

Here for the start ups, the solopreneurs, the hustlers and the dreamers, The Merchant Assembly offers designer-crafted, semi-custom brand packages that are entirely unique and entirely yours.


Entirely unique

The Merchant Assembly provides beautifully crafted designs that are completely unique to tell your individual brand story. Customised to your brand name and sold only once, you know your brand is yours and yours alone.


Strategically driven

We offer guidance and support in choosing a package that is technically and strategically right for your business and aligned with your brand values and vision. Not only does this maintain the integrity of the design but ensures it will connect with your target audience.

Affordably priced

We understand that not everyone is ready to go the whole hog when starting out. The Merchant Assembly helps you capture benefits of designer-crafted branding, but smaller-scale to help you find your footing and speak to your first audience in a real and memorable way.


Quick turn around

Each pre-made package is served to clients on a first come, first serve basis and intended for immediate use. If you see something that you think aligns with your business, simply give us a shout with your business details and if everything aligns, we’ll send you an invoice and customise your package within 3–5 business days.


What you’ll receive


Primary logo
Secondary brand mark(s)
Graphics or imagery
Colour palette

Font system*
Usage guidelines
2 social media templates
Print and digital files


*Fonts are from the Adobe Typekit or Google Fonts for use both online and in print. Due to licensing restrictions, some may require separate download. Equivalent fonts available in the Canva app can also be suggested.


Interested? Here’s a sneak peek